2012 BlueGray Priorat Red, $20.00

Priorat, a small wine-producing region in Catalonia, is set in remote, hilly terrain about two hours southeast of Barcelona. Due to the steep landscape, the vineyards here are planted in terraces that resemble huge staircases. The challenging topography and harsh weather conditions necessitate manual farming, and lead to low yields and wines that are fruit forward, concentrated and very expressive. From Gil Family Estates (think Honoro Vera), the 2012 BlueGray Priorat (45 percent Garnacha, 30 percent Mazuelo, 25 percent Cabernet Sauvignon) on first sniff has ripe blackberry, cherry and plum notes that extend to the palate as well, with licorice and dark chocolate notes on the finish. As the nights get cooler and your dinner fare gets heartier, this is a great wine to have on the table!