2012 Andre Brunels Côtes du Rhône Village, Cuvée Sabrine, $15.99

One of the top wine holidays on the calendar is coming up, but there is such a plethora of dishes on the table with everything from the stuffed turkey to Aunt Betty's Wal-dorf salad,  it’s hard to pick a wine to pair. One of my viticultural solutions (there are many)  is a Côtes du Rhône. This French wine is usually a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre, but not necessarily in that order. I like it for T-day because it can be both big bodied and delicate. Andre Brunel's Cuvée Sabrine is such a wine. Lavender and rose petal notes on the nose and front pal-ate give way to dried cherry and sweet cigar. The cherry continues into the finish but is accompanied by dusty rosemary and briar. Big body, delicate character. Try to keep the bottle away from Aunt Betty though!