Widmer 30th Anniversary

Deschutes Abyss -- Now in its ninth year, this blended, barrel-aged Imperial Stout rewards those with the patience to cellar it. With so much technique involved, the different elements marry after a year or so, making it an excellent candidate to lay down and savor bottles for years to come.

Widmer 30th Anniversary Altbitter -- To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Widmer Bros. has been collaborating with Oregon breweries throughout the year. The latest, Altbitter, is a collaboration with Deschutes, and it features imperial versions of respective brewery favorites that have been rye whiskey barrel-aged and then blended. The result provides great value in my book -- a firm hop bitterness nods to the base styles, while the barrel-aging provides a sweet, spicy and quite lengthy finish - limited, grab it while it's here, and serve @ cellar temp.

Payette BA Twelve Gauge Imperial Stout -- Second year in bottles from this local favorite, and things just keep getting better. Ample body allows flavors of bourbon and chocolate and wonderfulness (the sixth identified taste!) to cascade over the palate ... rich, heady and a real treat - also limited, please no more than six bottles per person.

Aventinus Eisbock -- I you haven't tried the original Aventinus Wheat Doppelbock, you're missing out on one of the world's great beers. The brewmaster there decided to improve upon the classic original by attempting to recreate a happy accident from brewery's past. Prior to temperature-controlled distribution, barrels of Aventinus shipped throughout Bavaria would periodically cryo-concentrate during winter, resulting in a richer, fuller, more powerful beverage. Expect sticky, Bananas Foster notes with some warming alcohol -- a perfect nightcap, served at cellar temp and in a snifter.

Stone Enjoy By 12/26 IPA -- Time's a'wastin' ... you know it, you love it, now is the time to drink it.

Stone Stochasticity Master of Disguise Imperial Golden Stout -- What started as an April Fools' Day joke now sees the inside of a bottle ... no tasting notes yet, but the whole project intrigues me.

See Thursday tasting below. test

With the exception of the Stone beers, any of today's featured beers will happily cellar for several years.


Please join us this Thursday, from 4:30-6PM, for a vertical tasting of Deschutes Abyss. We will raid our cellar for vintages dating back to 2009. Also, please note that quantities are limited and that only the current (2014) vintage will be available for sale. Hope to see y'all there. Cheers.