Tomato Independence Project Kicks Off Second Year with Saucy Saturday

BOISE –- The Treasure Valley Food Coalition(TVFC) will announce plans for the second year of the Tomato Independence Project, and its continued effort to end the tyranny of tasteless tomatoes, during Saucy Saturday on Feb. 1.

The public is invited to celebrate the successful 2013 campaign and learn about 2014 events. Last year, workshops were held, seedlings started and great tasting tomatoes harvested. This year the coalition will focus on tomato preservation.

“We all know it’s not possible to enjoy local, fresh produce in midwinter, but it is possible to open a jar of summer sunshine to give us a taste of what’s to come,” says Amy Hutchinson, TVFC board member.

Saucy Saturday will be held at 2 p.m. at Edwards Greenhouse in Boise. The afternoon will feature tomato sauces prepared by the chefs of Bittercreek, Boise Co-Op, Café Vicin, and The Modern, using preserved local tomatoes from the 2013 harvest.

In August and September, these same restaurants will feature local, fresh tomatoes on their restaurant menus as part of Tomato Independence Project (TIP) 2014. Join us Saturday, Feb. 1. to learn more about these local restaurants and their work with Treasure Valley farmers to offer truly tasteful tomatoes! Other TIP events will include a tomato tasting; salsa festival; bloody mary tasting; and classes on seed saving, tomato preservation and tomato sauce preparation.

As former Gourmet editor and author Ruth Reichl wrote, “I met the Tomato Independence Project people in Boise, Idaho last fall, and fell in love with both their project and their tee-shirts.” Join the TVFC at Edwards Greenhouse on Feb. 1 to share the passion for ending the tyranny of tasteless tomatoes.

Learn more about the coalition and the Tomato Independence Project and purchase T-shirts HERE.