Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance

The Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance is an all-volunteer non-profit organization started a decade ago with the goal of celebrating and promoting cycling in the Treasure Valley. The organization encourages more citizens to bike regularly by removing barriers to cycling, both real and imagined. We work at the local and regional level to improve cycling infrastructure, advocate for policy change to benefit cyclists, and educate the community on cycling topics and issues.

TVCA is actively involved with the cities, the Ada County Highway District, and the regional planning agency COMPASS to represent the needs and concerns of cyclists regarding: 1) expenditures on roadway and neighborhood improvement projects, 2) policies that protect the interests and safety of cyclists, 3) enforcement of vehicle laws related to motorists and cyclists, and 4) the widespread establishment of better bicycle facilities and amenities. 

Throughout the year TVCA promotes and organizes community events that celebrate and encourage cycling in all its forms for people of all ages and abilities such as;

  • Educational classes and events  with League Certified Instructors (LCIs) from the League of American Bicyclists.  
  • Distributing free bike lights 
  • Installing Air & Repair stations along the greenbelt
  • Bike corral parking at large events like Greenfest and the Hyde Park Street Fair
  • Organizing volunteers for everyone's favorite bike/beer parade and carnival, Tour de Fat
  • Coordinating Volunteer Bike Counts every May and September
  • Bring you Boise Bike Week

This year will be the thirteenth annual Boise Bike Week, with a little something for everyone. Check out the week's schedule here: 

There is a a little something for everyone. Now get on you bike and ride!