Mathair Earth

Our Wellness department is highlighting some beautifully hand crafted soaps that are made here locally by Mathair Earth!  

"Mindfully Made, Naturally Inspired"

About Mathair Earth

Mathair Earth (pronounced Maw-hair) is the word for 'Mother' in Gaelic.
Motherhood is often associated with being caring, nurturing, and loving. We put a piece of each of those into every product we make. Despite the fact that we try not to be biased, we do have our favorite out of the lot. Soap is definitely the front runner of the bunch! We LOVE lusciously soft skin and a sustainable way of living. We believe in wholesome products that nourish your body without negatively impacting the environment. Our products are tested by us personally, never on animals. We strongly maintain a standard of 100% cruelty free, always. Caring about both the earth and our customer's bodies in harmony is the whole intent of our operation. We hope with sincerity that you enjoy your purchase- for all the good it does for you and the earth!

About Mathair Earth's Soaps

Our soaps are formulated with fine essential oils, clays, plant hydrosols, milks, and natural ingredients. We also carry an assortment of exquisitely scented fragrance soaps, with fragrance oils of the highest caliber. We seek out fragrance oils that are pthalate and paraben free. No heavy detergents or salts are used in our products. Everything is made by hand and to order, this keeps down on waste and excess. It also means that every product ordered is FRESHLY made.

If you take a look, our bars are never wrapped "the same". We source paper from all over the place to keep our product looking fresh. You may order the same scent time and time again but you will not likely get the same old wrapping.