Local Pig and Goat Now Available at Boise Co-op

The Boise Co-op Meat Department is now stocking local pig and goat from Malheur River Meats!  

Here’s a bit about their products:

Pasture-Raised Pork

Our heritage pork is raised the old-fashioned way: free range. This heritage breed of hog, known as the Duroc, is dark red in color and does well in our part of the country. This is due to its natural layer of back fat and color, which protect it in our hot and cold climates.

Pasture-Raised Goats

These goats are raised grazing and browsing the same way as our beef. We raise a breed of goat known as the Boer, which came from South Africa in the early '90s. This breed keeps gaining popularity for its meat qualities. This product is currently available in the fall and winter months.

For more info, visit Malheur River Meats!