Boise Co-op is happy to announce TAMBALKA will be performing on First Friday, May 1st, 2015 from 4:30-7:30PM. This is a free all ages show, so everyone can go!

The band plays a unique blend of music from all around the Mediterranean area. There will be a number of Spanish flavored tunes in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo. Click on the link below to listen to a sneak peak!

Treating a Headache with Aromatherapy

Cathy Smith from our wellness department was recently interviewed on how to treat headaches by Stacy Ennis, the author of Real Health Mom.  

It’s estimated that 47 percent of the population has a headache disorder. That means that almost half of the world’s population has had at least one headache in the past year.
— Stacy Ennis

Learn Cathy's six tips for treating a headache with aromatherapy.

Boise Co-op Extends Lease, Plans Expansion

Boise Co-op Extends Lease, Plans Expansion

BOISE, Idaho  The Boise Co-op has signed a long-term lease and will remain planted in the North End community through 2036. The Co-op has resided at the current Fort Street location since 1995. “This is where it all began,” said Ben Kuzma, the Co-op’s general manager. “The Co-op has deep ties to this community, and after 40 years in business, we continue to be in it for the long haul.”

The Board of Directors is also exploring options to expand the Co-op’s footprint in the Treasure Valley by opening a second store.  The Board has held expansion discussions over the last few years — originally prompted by the Co-op’s members/owners.  “We are excited about the opportunity to expand our reach in the Treasure Valley,” said TJ Stevens, the Boise Co-op’s Board chair.  “We are devoted to creating a local marketplace that connects the community to high-quality, natural and organic foods and specialty products.”

Currently, there is no specific site selected for the second store. The Board has established a real-estate committee to lead the planning process. Discussions will continue over the next few months to determine a location and opening date.  Members and shoppers can lend their voice by taking a short survey (click here to access the survey).

The Boise Co-op is a member-owned food cooperative, founded in 1973. Located in Boise’s historic North End, the Co-op currently has 25,000 active members within the Treasure Valley.  The vision of the Boise Co-op is to continually set the standard for building and maintaining a sustainable community.

Change 4 Change: February-April

With our Change 4 Change Program, you can donate your bag credit to one of three worthy causes!  If you choose to donate, you will receive a Boise Co-op wooden nickel. Drop your nickel into one of three jars that represent the different charitable organizations. We will choose three new worthy causes every three months!

Now you can feel good that you are helping make a change!

Every three months we will donate to three different worthy causes! Here is how it works:

  1. Bring your own reusable shopping bags.
  2. Instead of getting a $.05 credit, you can donate it!
  3. Take the wooden nickel and drop it in one of the three jars.
  4. Feel good that you are helping make a change!

There is no such thing as SMALL change!

Change 4 Change will benefit these organizations from February 2014 through April 2014:

Mini Joys -- Mini Joys, Inc. is a charitable organization (501c3) whose purpose is to promote joy, hope and healing through visits by compassionate miniature horses to those facing physical, mental or emotional challenges.

Idaho Humane Society -- The mission of the Idaho Humane Society is to advocate for the welfare and responsible care of animals; protect them from neglect and cruelty; and promote humane education, awareness and compassion.

Life’s Kitchen -- Life’s Kitchen is dedicated to transforming the lives of at-risk young adults by building self sufficiency and independence through comprehensive food service and life skills training, and placement in the food service industry.

Tomato Independence Project Kicks Off Second Year with Saucy Saturday

BOISE –- The Treasure Valley Food Coalition(TVFC) will announce plans for the second year of the Tomato Independence Project, and its continued effort to end the tyranny of tasteless tomatoes, during Saucy Saturday on Feb. 1.

The public is invited to celebrate the successful 2013 campaign and learn about 2014 events. Last year, workshops were held, seedlings started and great tasting tomatoes harvested. This year the coalition will focus on tomato preservation.

“We all know it’s not possible to enjoy local, fresh produce in midwinter, but it is possible to open a jar of summer sunshine to give us a taste of what’s to come,” says Amy Hutchinson, TVFC board member.

Saucy Saturday will be held at 2 p.m. at Edwards Greenhouse in Boise. The afternoon will feature tomato sauces prepared by the chefs of Bittercreek, Boise Co-Op, Café Vicin, and The Modern, using preserved local tomatoes from the 2013 harvest.

In August and September, these same restaurants will feature local, fresh tomatoes on their restaurant menus as part of Tomato Independence Project (TIP) 2014. Join us Saturday, Feb. 1. to learn more about these local restaurants and their work with Treasure Valley farmers to offer truly tasteful tomatoes! Other TIP events will include a tomato tasting; salsa festival; bloody mary tasting; and classes on seed saving, tomato preservation and tomato sauce preparation.

As former Gourmet editor and author Ruth Reichl wrote, “I met the Tomato Independence Project people in Boise, Idaho last fall, and fell in love with both their project and their tee-shirts.” Join the TVFC at Edwards Greenhouse on Feb. 1 to share the passion for ending the tyranny of tasteless tomatoes.

Learn more about the coalition and the Tomato Independence Project and purchase T-shirts HERE.

1st Annual Winter Wellness Event

How’s your New Year’s resolution holding up? We can help!

Join us for our 1st Annual Winter Wellness Event! It's Our biggest wellness sale of the year! We’ll have special sales on vitamins, protein powder, weight-loss products, cleanses, immune support, supplements and more.

We’ll have samples and demos from Sierra SageGarden of LifeAmazing GrassJem Nut ButterPurple Sage and more!

Featuring: Fresh juice and raw nut butter spread samples at our Tasting Counter and healthy dishes on the Hot Bar.

You could win some great prizes, too -- such as an Electra Cruiser bike sponsored by Garden of Life!

You could also win a $50 Boise Co-op Gift Card provided from Garden of Lif.! Or, you could be the lucky winner of an Andalou Face Care set.

We’ll also raffle off a Weleda gift basket, a Country Life gift basket, Nature’s Way products or a NOW Aromatherapy diffuser! 

You could also win T-Shirts, a beautiful Jurlique canvas tote with Jurlique products, a reusable Vega shopping bag or even a brand-new toothbrush! (Gotta keep a healthy mouth!)

Local Pig and Goat Now Available at Boise Co-op

The Boise Co-op Meat Department is now stocking local pig and goat from Malheur River Meats!  

Here’s a bit about their products:

Pasture-Raised Pork

Our heritage pork is raised the old-fashioned way: free range. This heritage breed of hog, known as the Duroc, is dark red in color and does well in our part of the country. This is due to its natural layer of back fat and color, which protect it in our hot and cold climates.

Pasture-Raised Goats

These goats are raised grazing and browsing the same way as our beef. We raise a breed of goat known as the Boer, which came from South Africa in the early '90s. This breed keeps gaining popularity for its meat qualities. This product is currently available in the fall and winter months.

For more info, visit Malheur River Meats!