All Month Long:

 $65  $50 to Become a Co-Owner,
$5 off $25 Coupon When You Join

What does it mean to be a Co-Owner?

Co-Ownership is at the core of what sets the Co-op apart from other grocery stores. The only people who have a say in how the Co-op is run are our local Co-Owners. Co-Ownership is democratic: every owner gets exactly one share in the Co-op. That means that no one can use money to buy influence or control. We all help guide the Co-op together, every year when we vote to elect our Board of Directors.

This democratic distinction makes us unique and independent. The Co-op doesn't have to answer to anyone but our community of Co-Owners. That's how it's been since 1973, when local community members banded together to create a small food-buying club tucked away in downtown Boise. Two cities, four stores, forty-two years, and more than 26,000 Co-Owners later, the Co-op is stronger than ever. It's a true testament to the power of a community working together.

This month, we're celebrating the spirit of Co-Ownership inviting you to join this community by waiving the $15 admin fee and offering a special coupon to everyone who joins.


What are the benefits?

  • A monthly 10% discount that can be used any day you choose, all day, at any of our locations.

  • Access to special Co-Owner sales each month.

  • Discounts on our classes.

  • Local discounts on goods and services from businesses that are part of our Local Co-Operators program.

  • You get to vote in our Annual Elections, including electing Board Members to represent you.

  • For only $50, you own a share in a local business!


How is my equity put to work?

  • Creating a healthier community that supports individuals in need through our Community Involvement.

  • Supporting the local food system by prioritizing locally sourced products.

  • Growing the local economy by ensuring more dollars stay in Idaho.

  • Creating local jobs, and providing a living wage and benefits to more than 200 employees.


How can I sign up?

You can sign up in store at any  of our locations, or online at the link below. Your $50 investment an equity share in the Boise Co-op. If you sign up in stores, you can sign up for the "5% plan". This pay-as-you-go option means we simply add 5% to your purchase each time you shop, until the total of those payments reaches $50.  

What if I'm already a Co-Owner?

If you're already a Co-Owner but would like to participate in the Owner Drive, you can always purchase a gift Co-Ownership! You can sign someone up in the store or online. Thank you for being a part of the Co-op!