Product Standards

We're committed to bringing you the absolute best quality possible in all of our departments. Every new product that comes in is carefully evaluated based on freshness, ingredients, truth in labeling, humane treatment of animals, and environmental impact. We give priority to locally produced foodfair trade itemscertified organic products, and non-GMO ingredients. Since sustainability is also very important to us, we strive to avoid products with excessive packaging and BPA in container linings. We also pride ourselves in serving our customers with dietary restrictions, offering a wide variety of  products that are gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, nut-free, soy-free, and more!



We buy as much locally grown produce as the season allows, so you know you're getting the best food possible.

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Whether you're looking for a supplement or body care item, our staff have over a century of experience in the industry, and can get you exactly what you need. 

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Our award-winning Wine Department features wines both local and from all around the world! 

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We believe your pet deserves to eat as healthfully as you do! That's why we offer the best all-natural and premium pet foods, many of which are certified organic and exceptional in quality.


We provide our community with delicious, wholesome food — with a wide selection to accommodate special dietary needs. 

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If you want to make a meal that's light on the wallet, look no further than our bulk department! We also have a great selection of bulk teas and herbs.



There's a simple reason we were voted one of the Top 5 Beer Retailers in the USA: we've got a lot of great beer.

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From kitchenware to clothing to kids lunchboxes, our mercantile section is full of high-quality products and quirky gifts alike. We're happy to special order for you too!


We have an amazing assortment of products sure to suit whatever dietary needs you have. Not to mention, it's all absolutely delicious!



Our cheeses are 100% antibiotic- and hormone-free. Our selection features both local and imported cheeses. 

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Meat & Seafood

We're proud to support more local meat producers than anywhere in Idaho. Plus, we have some of the healthiest, most sustainably-raised offerings around.



Why should you shop the Dairy section at the Boise Co-op? With the rising use of growth hormones and antibiotics, we proudly offer a wide variety of local, organic and natural dairy options.


Customer Service

Though all of our departments are centered around great service, you can stop by our customer service desk right at the front of our store for a variety of things. From finding a product, to signing up for Co-Ownership, to special ordering something we don't normally carry, we're more than happy to help. Have a question we can answer now? Use the button below to get in touch!