What's Buzzing above the Boise Co-op?


What's up North End? Spring is finally here! That joyous warm weather. Today is slightly cloudy but still warm at 50 degrees, we are ready to check on how our Boise Co-op bees did over the winter. 


Checking on the hive for the first time after winter is both nerve racking and exciting. However, the bees came out of winter a lot stronger than we anticipated! We're eager to see lots of capped brood and baby bees inside of the hive with very few male drones and no swarm cells. We did some maintenance by moving our boxes around, flipping the top and bottom of the box to give the queen as much space to fill up as possible. We also added a honey super so we can start drawing out wax and try to take advantage of the early nectar flow we are seeing inside the hive.

As our weather gets warmer and things begin to blossom, our bees will be busy buzzing through the North End. These bees will be pollinating our neighborhood by bringing in plenty of pollen to keep the hive going strong.