Wellness Month 2018

January is Wellness Month at the Boise Co-op!

All January, we have great deals on Wellness products to help you stick with your new year's resolutions! We'll also have an awesome giveaway in our grocery stores each week, so make sure you stop in for a chance to win. Here's a sneak peek:

January 1-9: Detox and Cleanse

Great deals on detox brands like Gaia, Garden of Life, Renew Life cleanses, and organic fresh ginger in our produce department!

Featured giveaway: Awesome Wellness Gift Basket

January 10-16: Immune Boosters

20% off select immune-boosting supplements!

Featured giveaway: Immune Booster Kit

January 17-23: Get Fit and Stay fit

20% off select protein powders and meal replacements

Featured giveaway: FitBit

January 24-31: Family Health

Great deals on select men's, women's, and children's multivitamins

Featured giveaway: 1 month Family Membership to the YMCA

Plus, stop by any time in January for a chance to win a Ninja Blender (model BL 660)!