This Blog is Your Blog


This blog is your blog. This blog is our blog. This blog was made for you and us.

Welcome to the Boise Co-op's brand-new blog. It's a place where we can better serve you with information about the community, recipes, timely food- and health-related issues, growers, our products and services, and much more.

However, a blog's only worthwhile if it's fun and informative. (Otherwise we'd just post college term papers and call it good.) So, we're going to make this thing "fun-ormative" (yes, we know that's not a word--) . We hope that's OK with you.

They call it "social media" for a reason; we hope this tool will allow us to interact with you more abundantly. Whether sharing kale recipes or introducing you to one of our many friends, we'll always keep our content light and zesty.

You can expect a well-balanced melange of photos and videos, Q&As, quotes, sneaks peaks, member recognition and other ways to involve our wonderful consumer community.

Not unlike our in-store experience, we look forward to lots of fun and learning within this blog as we all get to know each other better.

This blog really is for you. Help us own it, OK?!