The Village Tree

Another unique feature we have at the Village is a tree sculpture at the front of the store. Studio 2000 is hard at work making all the parts and pieces come together on site at the Village. We stopped by their studio to snap some photos of the process, and learn a little more about their business.

The tree is a really cool art piece that is featured close to the main entrance.  It has 8 branches in all, and the trunk stands about 12 feet in height. The way it is constructed sort of resembles a dinosaur skeleton. 20 sheets of plywood were used to cut all the wooden elements of the tree!  Each of the pieces had to be meticulously numbered in order to keep track of them all.

They are also fabricating the "clouds" for our Wellness department. These are lotus flowers made from aluminium, and are suspended from the ceiling. There are two different flowers, and we think they will be a really awesome feature!

Studio 2000 has been making unique custom fabrications for 15 years. If you’ve ever been to the Caldwell Library, you likely noticed the large yellow trees in the children’s reading section. They also make exterior signage as well, some of which you’ve probably seen around town (Boise Fry Co. and Bittercreek Ale House to name a couple).

Check out Studio 2000’s website and see more of their work here.