La Riojana Wines at the Co-op

We are so excited to partner with La Riojana co-operative to bring you these amazing Co-op exclusive wines. Not only are these delicious vintages Fair Trade, they are also only $6.99!

About La Riojana

The La Riojana co-operative began in 1940 in the La Rioja province of northwestern Argentina. Since then, as many as four generations and over 500 families have been producing grapes for the co-operative. It is now the largest producer of certified Fairtrade-Organic wine in the world! Since part of being a co-op is working together with other co-ops, we are so proud to be able to carry their exclusive wines in our store.

Meet the Wines


This Malbec is a medium bodied, juice red with soft red fruit aroma and flavors. Delicious glass of smooth juicy pleasure. It is ideal with red meats, pasta with red sauce, or chicken.


This Chardonnay is a vibrant, delicate, and exceptional wine with tropical fruit flavors. It is a great match to chicken dishes or lightly spiced Asian cuisine.


This Red Blend  has a smooth, medium bodied taste and is bursting with juicy red berry and ripe plum flavors. A perfect choice for marinated lamb chops, roast beef, or tomato based pasta dishes.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This Cabernet Sauvignon is a sophisticated wine with concentrated, succulent fruit, spicy overtones and smooth, firm tannins. Enjoy with pasta, grilled steak, or roast beef.