Fruit of the Month

Last July, we started a Co-op Kids Club Fruit of the Month program. This program is a huge hit, and we are so excited to share the successes of the first year with you. 

In one year, we've given out 7,576 pieces of fruit. That's over 1,500 pounds of organic fruit, and over 600 pieces every month!

And we're not just handing out bananas. I mean, we like bananas a LOT, but we wanted to make the program a little more exciting than just a banana over and over again. We've featured everything from kiwi fruit to dried dates to local peaches in the height of the season. Each month is a new fruit, so your kids will try all kinds of new things!

Not in the club yet? Next time you're in the store, pick up your free Co-op Kids punch card at the Customer Service desk. Every month, there is a new delicious, seasonal fruit to try. 

And the best part? We've heard from lots of parents that their kiddos are now eating fruit that their parents couldn't get them to try at home. We can't argue with that. Happy parents, and excited kids eating more fruit. It's a win-win!