Cathy's Wellness Tips: Digestive health

Have you ever made a poor digestive choice? A quick stop at a drive thru, polishing off a second bowl of ice cream, one too many dips of garden fresh salsa. Whatever the guilty pleasure, there is a remedy, a passport to a calm and happy belly.

I love weird science. I learned in an article in 'National Geographic' that there are trillions of bacteria in our guts that help us digest food. 

These are non-human creatures.

- Will Hobbs

Here is my go-to list of relief:

  • Celery breaks up fatty food, due to the low acid/high fiber content it reduces acid reflux. It ushers out bad cholesterol from the gut. High in vitamin K and folate, it will reduce inflammation while enjoying the watery crunch.

  • DGL is deglyrrhizinated licorice is another fix for acid reflux. The chewable wafers soothe and protect the mucosal lining of the intestinal track, allowing damaged tissues to heal. After using DGL daily for several months I no longer suffer from acid reflux.

  • Bio-K is a drinkable probiotic that will help you when you need it. These little gems are packed with 50 billion bacteria cultures that are fermented to body temperature. Beneficial to everyone, including kids, they work as soon as you need them, which is pretty nice. Available in plain dairy, blueberry organic brown rice and mango soy. If it’s fun for you to geek out on the science, then check this out