Coffee for a Cause

Drink Coffee.
Do Good.

All our drip coffee now benefits charitable organizations!

For every pound of coffee we purchase for our self-serve coffee bar, our roasters donate to a charitable organization. 

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So now when you shuffle in for the morning cup of joe, you can feel extra perky knowing your coffee benefits an awesome organization.

We have 8 coffees that rotate in our self-serve coffee bar—check out the list below for each coffee and to see who benefits. Special thanks to our roasters for committing to these awesome causes.

Click on the names of the roasters of the organizations for more info about who they are what they do!

Cafe Mule

Dawson Taylor


Happy Day

Annual Meeting and Community Partner Awards

Thanks to everyone who made it to the Annual Meeting this year! We held it at the Boise Depot and had over 120 people in attendance. Delicious food, great local wine and beer, and awesome conversations made this our best Annual Meeting yet!

This year, we honored some of our local vendors and community partners with awards to recognize some special achievements. In case you missed it, here is the recap:

  • Vendor of the Year: Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters

    • Dawson Taylor has been an awesome partner for us since the business got rolling 14 years ago. They are always willing to donate coffee for our events, hang out with us while we serve breakfast to bike-powered commuters, and even lend us their awesome bike trailer so we can get our burritos to Hyde Park in a greener way.

  • Outstanding Co-op Partner: Idaho Foodbank

    • We partner with Idaho Foodbank throughout the year to help combat Idaho’s serious food insecurity problem. Their operations are so efficient that turn every dollar donated into 5 meals for hungry Idahoans.

  • Innovation Award: Downtown Teaching Farm

    • This Boise High School urban farm takes close to 600 lbs of our food scraps every week and turns it into rich compost for their garden and orchard. They’ve helped us keep 15 tons of organic matter out of the landfill in the last year.

  • Star Vendor: Wildflour Bakery

    • Wildflour not only makes dangerously delicious cookies, they also have the highest sales of any of our local vendors. Not bad for starting out baking in a garage 25 years ago.

    We also wanted to recognize our local vendors who are scaling up their businesses as our sales continue to grow. We love when our customers choose local, because it truly has an impact on these awesome businesses!

  • Outstanding Small Vendor Growth: Better Man Beard

    • Largest year over year sales increase in our small vendor category. If you’ve noticed an uptick in shiny, good-looking beards around the valley, this is why.

  • Outstanding Medium Vendor Growth: Bucksnort Soda Company

    • Largest year over year sales increase in our medium vendor category. Have you tried making a root beer float with their root beer? No wonder these tasty sodas are growing in popularity!

  • Outstanding Large Vendor Growth: Acme Bakeshop

    • Largest year over year sales increase in our large vendor category. These bakers wake up at 2 am to bake us some of the tastiest bread in the state, made from wheat grown on the Idaho Palouse.

For more info on our local sales, community impact, and year-in-review, check out our Annual Report below!

Update From the Board!

Dear Co-Owners,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce our newest Board Members, while reluctantly saying goodbye to those that have loyally served the Co-op, and you, its Co-Owners over the last few years. On that note, we are pleased to retain Shannon McGuire and Divit Cardoza for three-year terms, and  to welcome Jay Henry to a three-year term and Charles Raymond to a two-year term. We want to extend a sincere thank you to Tana Ruud and Jay Holmes, who have been wonderful assets to the board; graciously donating not only their time, but also their expertise in the industry and their services for the benefit and continued success of our Co-op. These positions are entirely volunteer-based and we recognize and greatly value the time and commitment these board members give.

The Board of Directors plays a pivotal role in the functionality of the co-op by hiring and managing the CEO/GM, empowering them to work closely with the executive management staff who in turn oversee the day-to-day operations of the Co-op.

In coming off a very successful quarter, we are excited to be finalizing the last of the arrangements for our Annual Meeting and the 45th Anniversary Celebration of the Boise Co-op,  taking place at the Boise Train Depot on October 27th from 1:00 - 4:00pm. We would love for you all to join in the celebration with us! We will have some great food, music, wine & beer, activities for children, and a celebration of our local vendors!

Keep up to date with us on social media, as well as through our monthly communications. We are excited to announce that the board will be hosting informal meet-and-greet events each month in the Co-op’s Uncorked! Wine Bar with fabulous wines and Co-op prepared food pairings! Seating will be limited so be sure to scoop up your tickets first thing!

In service,

Your Board of Directors

Uncorked! Grand Opening

Grand Opening Weekend, Friday-Sunday July 27-29

We are soooooo excited to announce the Grand Opening of our newest viticultural adventure, the Uncorked! Wine Bar. 

Join us for our Grand Uncorking Friday, July 27 at 2 pm

We'll be popping some bubbly and raising a toast to all the people that made our newest business into a reality.

Throughout our Grand Opening Weekend, we'll be serving up tastings of cava to celebrate, and we'll have a slew of free tastings as well. Here is the lineup:

  • Friday 5-8 pm
  • Saturday 2-8 pm
  • Sunday 12-5 pm

Uncorked! offers a rotating selection of wines by the glass, beer and cider on tap, wine flights, a delicious made-from-scratch food menu, and more!

The Wine Bar is located at 804 W Fort Street. The main entrance is on Fort Street, but you may enter via the Wine Shop as well. Come see what it's all about!

Uncorked! Hours:

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday-Thursday 3-9 pm
  • Friday-Saturday 2-10 pm 
  • Sunday 12-8 pm

Please note: Uncorked! Wine Bar is 21+ only

Million Meals in March Kickoff

Thank You Boise Co-op Shoppers for Helping with
The Million Meals in March Kickoff!

First Fridays at The Boise Co-op is always a hustling and bustling day for us. Each and every month, The Boise Co-op hosting a First Friday event! Shoppers join us for our biggest monthly store-wide sale! During this monthly event you’ll enjoy live local music, wine, beer and delicious tastings from our local vendors.

The Boise Co-op in the North End helped kick off the Million Meals in March campaign. Donations of food and funds is always highest in the months of November and December. Unfortunately, the risk of hunger and food insecurity is not limited to the holidays. The Foodbank works with more than 400 community partners to raise awareness of the ongoing battle with hunger. For every dollar donated, The Idaho Foodbank produces five meals for hungry Idahoans. On March 2nd, the Co-ops’ North End shoppers helped make a difference. The Boise Co-op donated 3% of sales to The  Idaho Food Bank raising  $2,215. On behalf of the Idaho families The Idaho Foodbank serves, the donation will provide 11,075 meals.

On behalf of The Boise Co-op and The Idahofood Bank we want to thank everyone for choosing to shop this First Friday! Without our customers, we wouldn’t be able to make our contributions.

Learn more about the great work the Idaho Food Bank is doing at their website.

Co+op Forest Carbon Offset Program Slows Climate Change

By: Co+op, stronger together

Paddle up the Huayabamba River in northern Peru, and amidst the roar of breathtaking waterfalls and chatter of tropical songbirds, you’ll come across the Co+op Forest. This lush, mountainous landscape is thought to be one of the most bio diverse regions in the world, home to over 160 mammal species, more than 300 bird species and hundreds of butterfly, amphibian, reptile and plant species as well.
It is paradise, but sadly much of this region is recovering from decades of deforestation, while its remaining old growth forest remains at risk for petroleum development. But thanks to intervention by concerned cooperative businesses, this region continues to play a meaningful role in slowing climate change.

Food co-ops seek to tangibly slow down the rate of climate change


Since 2012, the Co+op Forest has been thriving under the stewardship of a carbon offset program funded by National Co+op Grocers (NCG), the organization behind this website, in partnership with PUR Projet. NCG believes that environmentally responsible businesses like food co-ops have an important leadership role in addressing climate change.
The idea behind this unique carbon offset program is simple: NCG calculates their annual carbon emissions (from business travel, utilities, etc.), then funds the planting or protection of a corresponding number of trees to absorb (offset) that carbon. When trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide—a greenhouse gas—from the atmosphere, it effectively slows the rate of climate change.

Slowing climate change through rainforest reforestation & conservation projects

Co+op Forest includes both reforestation and conservation projects. Reforestation projects, in which farmers plant native tree seedlings, are important because as these trees grow they are absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and storing some of the carbon in their trunks. Planting native trees in tropical areas is especially beneficial because tropical trees reach maturity quickly, allowing them to store more carbon over their lifetimes.
Conservation projects protect old-growth trees from being clear-cut for timber, or burned to make way for crops or other development. Protecting these trees is critical because their massive trunks are made up of tons of tiny carbon atoms; every carbon atom that remains locked up in a tree is one less carbon atom that will otherwise contribute to climate change.

Co+op Forest supports fair trade farmer cooperatives, improves quality of life

Co+op Forest is also unique because it is grown in a way that respects the surrounding Peruvian community, ensuring that they benefit from the project, too. Drawing on the rich South American tradition of embracing the cooperative model, NCG partners with fair trade, organic farmer cooperatives to plant and maintain native trees in Co+op Forest. The cooperatives offer training to farmers in sustainable agroforestry because protecting the native forest around their farms produces higher quality fruits and reduces erosion, improving water quality for the entire community. Additionally, Co+op Forest trees that farmers plant on their own land will eventually provide them with much-needed retirement income from sustainably harvested FSC-certified timber.


2017 Annual Report

Every fall, we spend some time looking back on the past year, and all the things we've accomplished. Some of this involves running sales numbers for local products, while some is just reviewing new programs and events that we implemented. It's quite a fun process, and we can't help but feel a little proud of all the awesome things we've been up to. 

We take all this info and wrap it into a neat little package that we call our Annual Report. Please click the button below and take some time to check it out. 

2017 Election Results

First, we’d like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to our Co-Owners for participating in the annual election of Board of Directors. It is with great pleasure that we announce the results of candidates and the proposed bylaws amendments!

Please join us in welcoming the following directors (in order of appearance, left to right, then top to bottom):

  • Mary Cogswell (three-year term)
  • Josie Erskine (three-year term)
  • Zach Jones (three-year term)
  • Tracy Hitchcock (two-year term)
  • Jason Rosecast (one-year term)


In addition to the selection of candidates, there were three proposed bylaws changes. Each one has been approved by Co-Owners. You may read the full changes at the bottom of this page.

Thank you again for another successful election year.

We hope you will join us at the Annual Meeting & Community Celebration on October 21st from 2:00 –5:00 PM at JUMP. You will be able to meet the Board of Directors, local vendors, nonprofits, and members of the Co-op Crew. We will also have samples, community art projects, music, and good company.



In cooperation,

Boise Co-op Board of Directors


Bylaws Changes


Proposed Bylaw Change #1

Existing Bylaw Section 2.4, which currently reads as follows:

Section 2.4 — Responsibilities.  By accepting and retaining membership each applicant shall thereby agree to use the services of the Co-op on at least an occasional basis.  Each member shall keep reasonably current in payment of the share purchase requirement, other financial obligations of membership and shall notify the Co-op of any change to the owner’s name or address. 

Is hereby amended to read as follows (for convenience, new text is bold; deleted text is struck):

Section 2.4 — Responsibilities. By accepting and retaining membership each applicant shall thereby agree to use the services of the Co-op on at least an occasional basis. Each member shall keep reasonably current in payment of the share purchase requirement and other financial obligations of membership and shall notify the Co-op of any change to the owner’s name or address. Each member shall notify the Co-op of an e-mail address by which the member may receive written communications required or permitted by these bylaws, or shall notify the Co-op that the member has no e-mail address; and each member shall notify the Co-op of any change to the owner’s name or mail address or e-mail address.

Proposed Bylaw Change #2

“Existing Article VIII of the Bylaws (Bylaw Sections 8.1 – 8.5) addresses “patronage dividends.”  These sections provide, among other things, that net earnings of the Boise Co-op attributable to members’ purchases shall be allocated to members in proportion to their purchases; that nominal amounts that do not justify the expenses of distribution may be excluded from distribution; that net earnings may be reduced to create reserves for necessary business purposes; that up to 80% of the patronage dividend, if any, may be retained for capital purposes; and that no portion of any net operating loss shall be allocated to members, but losses may be carried forward to offset subsequent income from members.

Article VIII of the Bylaws is hereby amended by the addition of bylaw section 8.6, which reads as follows:

Section 8.6 — Failure to Claim or Redeem: The patronage dividend distributed to an owner (by any means, including as cash, as a voucher, or by credit redeemable at a cash register of the Cooperative) may be used for the purchase of goods at the Cooperative, redeemed for cash, or donated to the Cooperative. The portion of a patronage dividend distributed to any owner that is not claimed, used, redeemed or donated within 90 days of issuance date, or by the next June 30th from issuance date, whichever is later, shall revert to the Cooperative as a donation without further notice to the owner. Such cash portions of patronage dividends that are donated or that revert to the Cooperative as provided in this subsection shall be distributed and allocated to a tax-exempt charity as the Board may determine.

Reasons for this amendment:

In prior years approximately $40,000 of patronage dividends paid by the Co-op to members was unclaimed, and as a result the Co-op had to pay additional income taxes that exceeded the amount of the unclaimed dividends. The addition of Section 8.6 to the Co-op’s bylaws will permit the Board to donate unclaimed dividends to a charity and will also significantly reduce our income tax burden. The Boise Co-op Board recommends approval of this bylaw amendment.”

Proposed Bylaw Change #3

“Existing Bylaw Section 2.2, which currently reads as follows:

Section 2.2 — Admission.  Applicants will be admitted to membership upon submitting required information on a prescribed form, paying a nonrefundable application fee, and purchasing or subscribing to purchase a share at a price and upon payment terms, if any, all as determined by the Board of Directors.  The share purchase retirement may be waived in whole or in part for persons of low income.  On or before admission to membership, each member shall be provided a copy of these bylaws. 

Is hereby amended to read as follows (for convenience, deleted text is struck):

Section 2.2 — Admission. Applicants will be admitted to membership upon submitting required information on a prescribed form, paying a nonrefundable application fee, and purchasing or subscribing to purchase a share at a price and upon payment terms, if any, all as determined by the Board of Directors. The share purchase retirement may be waived in whole or in part for persons of low income. On or before admission to membership, each member shall be provided a copy of these bylaws.

Fruit of the Month

Last July, we started a Co-op Kids Club Fruit of the Month program. This program is a huge hit, and we are so excited to share the successes of the first year with you. 

In one year, we've given out 7,576 pieces of fruit. That's over 1,500 pounds of organic fruit, and over 600 pieces every month!

And we're not just handing out bananas. I mean, we like bananas a LOT, but we wanted to make the program a little more exciting than just a banana over and over again. We've featured everything from kiwi fruit to dried dates to local peaches in the height of the season. Each month is a new fruit, so your kids will try all kinds of new things!

Not in the club yet? Next time you're in the store, pick up your free Co-op Kids punch card at the Customer Service desk. Every month, there is a new delicious, seasonal fruit to try. 

And the best part? We've heard from lots of parents that their kiddos are now eating fruit that their parents couldn't get them to try at home. We can't argue with that. Happy parents, and excited kids eating more fruit. It's a win-win!