King's Crown Organics

Nate Jones operates King’s Crown Organics in Glenn’s Ferry Idaho. His is the largest local organic farm that the Co-op purchases from. Nate has been farming since 1975 when he came back to help out with the family farm. Two years later, he began farming on his own. In 1987, he decided to switch to organic. He initially got into organic agriculture because he knew he could make more money than with conventional ag. Nate is now a role model in the organic farming world—he is constantly experimenting with ways to improve overall soil health and conserve water usage.

When his son Wilder isn’t away at college, he helps out his dad on the farm. In fact, the day after Wilder was born, Nate drove a load of potatoes to the Co-op on his way to pick up Wilder and his mom from the hospital. You could say he was born to farm.

King’s Crown Organics grows beans, onions, melons, potatoes, and more. In addition to the Boise Co-op, you can find King’s Crown at the Ketchum Farmers Market and the Boise Farmers Market when their melon are in season. If you haven’t tried one of their infamous melons, then you haven’t really tasted summer.

King’s Crown Organics Snapshot

  • Their first organic crop was garlic

  • Selling to the Co-op for over 25 years, since we were located on Hill Road

  • 700+ acres in organic production

  • Sells potatoes to Boise Fry Co.

  • Like M & M Heath, also grows dried beans for Amy’s Organics.

  • Started raising cattle in 2018 for Desert Mountain Grassfed Beef.