Acme Bakeshop

Well before the sun rises, the bakers at Acme Bakeshop are busy proofing dough, shaping rolls, and filling orders from their bakery in Garden City. We learned the hard way that if you want to see how the magic happens at a local bakery, you better show up at 3:30 am. And if you think that’s early, the bakers start arriving at 2:00 am.

Owner Michael Runsvold got his start making bagels in high school. He really enjoyed the process of baking, so he decided to stick with it. He now runs Acme Bakseshop, employing 9 people and making over 30 kinds of bread.

So what is his favorite bread? “Baguettes are always special because they are so simple. Their simplicity makes them a challenge. And I really enjoy eating them.”

They primarily use Shepherd’s Grain flour, which is grown in the Palouse region of northern Idaho (you can also find Shepherd’s Grain flours for sale at both Co-op locations, in case you want to try your hand at baking). This wheat is grown in Camas County with no-till farming practices by a cooperative of growers. While Shepherd’s Grain is not the only flour they use, Acme only uses flour grown in Idaho, Utah, or Oregon. It’s truly a local flavor!

In addition to both Boise Co-op locations, you can find their bread at the Boise Farmer’s Market every Saturday from April through December, as well as featured on the menu of more than 25 local restaurants.

Acme Bakeshop Snapshot

  • Acme Bakeshop started in April 2013

  • In April 2014, they started selling to the Boise Co-op

  • They make over 32 different items

  • Our Delis use Acme bread in most of our made-to-order sandwiches

  • Find their bread on the menus of more than 25 restaurants in the Treasure Valley