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WINE CLASS: What's The Point(s)? with Divit Cardoza

Wine ratings may influence your decision, but the ultimate judgment is yours. Everyone has a different palate and different preferences, so basing purchases on ratings may not garner the perfect wine match for your tastes. There are many great wines produced that never have the opportunity to be rated, your favorite may be one of them! Join Divit for this blind tasting of some of his favorites, with and without big press, and prepare to be surprised by the results!

 "I came to wine from food. In the 1970's, I worked for a classically trained french chef where my interest in wine grew from my love of food. I continued to work as a chef for 12 years and as my wine interest grew, I tried to convince the Boise Co-op that they should sell wine. When the Co-op moved from 13th Street to Hill Road in 1984, they finally agreed and allowed me the opportunity to start the wine department in a corner of the store. The department continued to grow for over two decades and in 2007 opened as a separate location across from the main store on 8th & Fort Street. My love for food and wine has never waned and I still paint and play music too!  Yes, you could say that I am living the dream."

This class will include small bites provided by the Co-op Kitchen.

Earlier Event: February 11
Later Event: February 11
Wine Tasting @ The North End Wine Shop