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Wine Class: Celebrate with Champagne @ The Village

When it comes to celebrations, nothing makes the occasion as special as the real deal—Champagne—perhaps the world’s most famous wine.

Join Divit Cardoza as he shares his deep knowledge of this historic region. Champagne, the wine, is named after the region where it is grown, fermented and bottled: Champagne, France. Nestled in the country’s northeastern corner, near Paris, the only labels that are legally allowed to bare the name “Champagne” are bottled within 100 miles of this region (according to European Law). In addition to location, Champagne also receives its distinguished name because of the grapes used to produce it. Grown in a mild climate with chalky and mineral rich soil, the flavor of these grapes is truly unique. 

This tasting will include appetizers and desserts from the Co-op Kitchen.

This is one of our most popular tastings and sells out quickly, make your reservations early!