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WINE CLASS: California Isn't All Cabernet and Chardonnay

 Much like the birth of diverse varietals coming out of Tuscany, the Super Tuscans, we have seen an influx of new winemakers pushing against the staid Cabernet, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir regulars that California produces so much of. This class, led by Bob Tait,  will showcase varietals and blends that, though they may now be off the beaten path, have a great chance to redefine the path.  

A bit about Bob, in his own words:

"When I tell people that I am a middle child from a family of ten (six brothers!) they smile and say, "That explains a lot, Bob." All my families are back east, I'm the apple that rolled the farthest. Growing up, when mom and dad wanted to teach us about money they started us on a three cent a week allowance (True story. If we wanted a nickel candy bar we had to save!). Subsequently, I started working at an early age. I lied about my age to get a paper route and have been working ever since. Early on, in restaurants as a waiter, I found a sound knowledge of wine not only made me a better waiter, it was something that I had a nose for. I've been selling wine in one way or another ever since. As a wholesaler I've had the chance to travel, extensively to Washington and California, but also to Italy, Spain, and Australia. Out of all my wine jobs, working for The Boise Coop Wine Shop is my favorite because it is more about service that it is about sales. Leading wine classes not only gives me an opportunity to share understanding and enthusiasm, they keep me learning. And after all learning is the greatest joy."

This class will include small bites provided by the Co-op Kitchen.