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Wine Class: Are Expensive Wines Worth the Money? @ Uncorked!

The price of a bottle of wine reflects a variety of different factors. First up are the costs of production, or how much it costs to make that bottle. There are the raw materials of the land, the grapes themselves (which can be finicky and require lots of care and attention), barrels and bottles, plus utilities and labor.

The raw materials can vary quite a bit in cost—a high-yielding grape from an unknown vineyard fermented in a stainless steel tank won’t cost as much to make as a wine made from a low-yielding, marquee vineyard, fermented in brand-new oak barrels by a highly sought-after wine making consultant.

In this class, Bob Tait will explain what it takes to craft a great wine and why they are worth the money.

Class cost includes small bites from the Boise Co-op kitchen.

This class takes place at the Uncorked! Wine Bar 804 W. Fort St. Boise 83702