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Class: Make Your Own Ricotta Cheese with Lacey McNeff

We all love ricotta—mild-mannered, versatile, and smooth as can be. Whether you like to put it in pancakes, lasagna, or drizzle some honey over it, ricotta is always best fresh. Come learn with Lacey how to get the freshest ricotta of them all—by making it yourself! You will learn to make an appetizer, main course and dessert and take home a sample of your cheese!

''Being a cheese lover since the womb, cheese has always been a delicious part of my life.  I started learning more and getting glimpses of the cheese life while living in Seattle and working a farmers' market booth next to Mt. Townsend Creamery.

While currently working at the Village Boise Co-op,  I have had great cheese mentors and collaborators!  I have also been inspired to seek out opportunities to connect with cheese makers and discover the world of making my own. Everything is better with cheese!" 

This class will also include a wine pairing.