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Weekend Wine Tasting @ the North End Boise Co-op Wine Shop

At an early age, wine became a passion for Revelry Vintners' founder Jared Burns. In 2005, just two years out of college, he started his winery, wanting to share the Washington wines he loved with others. The initial goal was to produce a few varietals that over-delivered for their price point. Since that time, he has pioneered new formats, expanded selection, and worked to constantly improve quality. Through it all the simple goal remained, to provide the finest wines you can buy, whether they cost fifteen bucks or fifty. See for yourself if that goal was met, as Alaina Donis from the Revelry winery will be on hand to pour a quintet of Revelry wines:

  • Revelry Chardonnay
  • Revelry Merlot
  • Revelry Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Revelry, The Reveler Red Cuvee
  • Revelry, Revelry Range Grenache Syrah

As always, the wines will be 15% off both days of the tasting.