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Wine Tasting @ The North End Wine Shop

We're shining the spotlight on the wines of South Africa throughout the month of August. They've been making wine there since the 1650s, but for most of the 20th century, a powerful cooperative called KWV controlled wine production, setting policies and pricing for the entire industry. During much of that time, only wines labeled KWV were imported to the U.S., but coinciding with the collapse of Apartheid and the privatization of KWV, things started to change. World markets opened up and South Africa began attracting international winemakers, signaling a renaissance for that country's wine production. 

Today, we are seeing more and more top quality wines from the southern tip of Africa, as this weekend's tasting featuring the portfolio from Craig Stein Beverage proves. Here's what they will be pouring:

  • Painted Wolf Den Chenin Blanc
  • Klein Constantia Sauvignon Blanc
  • Protea Dry Rosé
  • The Goose Pinot Noir
  • Painted Wolf Den Pinotage
  • Klein Constantia Estate Red Blend

And to make it a little easier to buy what you try, the wines will all be 15% off both days of the tasting.