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Demo: Nature's Indulgence Granola @ The North End Store

Good, Small, Simple

Taste the difference a hand-crafted granola can make in your day. Our granolas are made in small batches, using fresh and natural ingredients. The result is a granola like no other. One bite and you'll understand the difference as each ingredient combines to deliver the perfect bite of crunch and flavor.

Our Mission is to bring the best to your table! From the farms of our neighbors, to the hands of our chef, we ensure nothing but the best through every step of the process. Every ingredient is specially selected for its flavor, quality, and harmony with the other ingredients.

Our products are free of preservatives, artificial ingredients, and as of 2016 GMO free and in the process of being officially certified as a GMO free company.

Nature’s Indulgence is a family-owned business based in Caldwell, Idaho.