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Demo: Luxe Beauty Skincare @ The Village Store

Luxe Beauty was borne from the vision of chemist Jane May Graves after her mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer.

Her Mother’s diagnosis awakened her to the importance of avoiding toxic personal care products. The skincare offerings in the market fell short of Jane’s expectations and desires.

Refusing to compromise any effectiveness when developing her formulas with the world's top chemists, Jane’s investment in research and testing proved to be invaluable.

Compelled by an immediate customer demand for high quality and pure ingredients, all formulations are plant derived, and made with high concentrations of effective ingredients.

Luxe Beauty was created for health-purist and label readers like you. We refuse to cut corners with chemicals, petrolatum, mineral oil, beeswax, silicones, phthalates, parabens, colors, dyes, propylene glycol.

We avoid filler ingredients such as alcohol, glycerin, beeswax, fruit juices, and cheap oils found in most “natural” skincare products.

Luxe Beauty products are formulated with high concentrations of effective ingredients to awaken your skin's natural glow.