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Demo: Grizzlies Granola @ The Village Store

As an artisan food manufacturer, Wildtime Foods makes unique, quality gourmet granolas, trail mixes and raw grain cereals with a focus on producing WHOLE foods with exceptional taste and quality. You won’t find genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), preservatives, processed sugars or grains, added salt, Trans fats, animal products, artificial color, or hydrogenated oils in the foods we make. What you will find are locally or regionally grown organic and natural ingredients, whenever possible, and a commitment to delivering a fresh, healthy, delicious product each and every time. We choose our raw materials very carefully and are personally familiar with many of the farmers who grow the grains, nuts, and fruits that go into our mixes. 

It is our mission to be a leader in the support of local agriculture and sustainable business practices, and to provide a pleasant, nurturing work environment for our dedicated employees.