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Cooking Class: Thai Curry with Noi @ The Village


Thai Curry refers to dishes in Thai Cuisine that are made with various types of curry paste. A Thai Curry dish is always made from curry paste, a mix of coconut milk, and fish sauce. The ingredients can be versatile with a mix of meat, seafood, tofu, vegetables or fruit, and herbs.The great variety of curries makes it a quick lunchtime staple in Thailand. The flavor combination of sweet and spicy has made it very appealing to the American palate because it can be easily adjusted.

Always ordering Thai  take-out? Learn how to make Thai Curry at home. Curries comes in many different flavors: red curry, green curry, yellow curry, Mussaman curry, and Penang curry. Each has it's own distinctive flavor and aroma.  Each curry is a delicate balance of contrasting of protein to vegetables, herbs to spices, and sweet to savory.

Thai Curry with Noi will explore two different types of spicy coconut-based curries. Noi will be demonstrating how to prepare the ingredients the right way and when to add the ingredients at the right time for the best results. We will be making a green curry tofu with mixed vegetables and a Mussaman beef curry with peanuts and potatoes. The curries will be served with a side of freshly made jasmine rice. This will be a fun hands on class. You’ll learn how to impress your dinner guest;  they’ll be you asking you, “where did you order this take-out?”

Noi Thannao visited Thailand in 2017 for the first time since he immigrated to the United States at the age of four. He went to taste everything he could, and wanted to bring back new and familiar flavors so he could incorporate it in his home cooking. Born in a refugee camp in Thailand, his parents who are of Lao descent, raised him to love food from all cultures. “I was exposed to so many different cuisines when I grew up, I was fascinated with all of the unique flavors and wanted to create them to share with my friends and family”.