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Cooking Class: Potstickers with Noi

Potstickers are popular dumplings present on many Chinese menus all across America. They are typically stuffed with a protein and vegetables,  wrapped in dough and thinly rolled out.  The dumplings are then sealed by carefully pressing and pleating the dough.

 Potstickers with Noi will show you the most popular way of cooking a potsticker. Known as the “fry-steam-fry” method, the dumplings are first lightly browned in oil, water is added to the pan, which is then covered to steam and cook the dumpling filling. Then the pan is uncovered to allow the water cook off and the dumplings pan fry until crispy on the outside! Potstickers with Noi will be a fun, hands-on class. Noi will teach you how to stuff and wrap two different types, chicken with vegetable and a vegan tofu dumpling. You will also learn how make a perfect sweet and tangy soy dipping sauce to compliment the potstickers.

Noi Thannao immigrated to the United States at the age of four. Born in a refugee camp in Thailand, his parents who are of Lao descent, raised him to love food from all cultures. “I was exposed to so many different cuisines when I grew up, I was fascinated with all of the unique flavors and wanted to create them to share with my friends and family”.

This class will include one glass of wine per person. You are welcome to purchase beverages of your choice and bring to the class.