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Cooking Class: Cooking with Desert Mountain Grass Fed Beef @ The Village Store

Join us for this rare opportunity to spend an evening with Dave Ruedlinger and Bob Howard with Desert Mountain Grass Fed Beef, brought to you in partnership with Edible Idaho.

Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef was created by family ranchers to raise high-quality, 100% grass-fed beef to a caring consumer. The original founding families are Wilsey ranch from Marsing, Idaho, and Howard ranches from Hammett, Idaho. Today, Desert Mountain has grown into a co-operative of more than 20 ranching and farming families across the Inland Northwest.

In the first portion of the class Dave will prepare the classic dish, Beef Bourguignon. He will show you techniques to properly cut the meat, season it and cook it to perfection. You will then get to taste and enjoy along with a glass of wine! We will be sending you off with the recipe so you can replicate what you’ve learned at home.

Dave Ruedlinger is Desert Mountain’s in-house meat guy. He started his career in the mid-70s, and later became the Rocky Mountain meat coordinator for Whole Foods. Dave is Desert Mountain’s “inside man” in the meat industry. If you want to know how many different cuts come out of a top sirloin, or the perfect thickness for a t-bone – Dave’s your guy. When he’s not hanging around the meat counter, Dave can be found in his home state of Colorado – fly-fishing, upland game hunting, road biking, or hanging with his Bouvier de Flandres (it’s a cattle herding dog).

The second part of the class will focus on the Desert Mountain Ranching, Grazing and Regenerative philosophy with Bob Howard. Bob will also discuss the specific breed of cattle used for Desert Mountain beef. “ We raise a breed of cattle of Japanese origin called Akaushi. Some people call it “red wagyu.” We call it perfect. Akaushi genetics provide the kind of marbling that our customers want in their beef. If you’ve ever eaten a grass-fed steak that was tough, lean or gamey – it wasn’t one of ours. Using Akaushi cattle is part of what sets us apart from other grass-fed producers”.

Desert Mountain includes ranchers, farmers, retailers, and consumers – and we’re all toward a greater good. It’s our utmost goal to be regenerative and sustainable on this earth, to preserve what we love about agriculture, rural communities, and the environment. It’s a job we take seriously, and you honor us by buying our beef at the grocery store.

$15 Member / $18 Non-Member