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Class: Vietnamese Spicy Chicken with Fried Rice

Join guest instructor Marti Miller as she walks you through making one of the most popular dishes at The Vietnamese Restaurant.

 "This class is for all the people that have been to the original Vietnamese Restaurant and for those who have never been. If you enjoy Vietnamese food, and want to try making it at home, this class is for you! I was never formally trained to cook but I remember how some of my favorite dishes tasted when my mom, who started the Vietnamese Restaurant, made these dishes.  I’ve duplicated my mom’s cooking the way I remembered how it should taste.  I very much enjoy preparing healthy Vietnamese dishes with the flavorful herbs and veggies which are a big part of the diet. Spicy chicken served with steamed rice or fried rice was one of those popular items on the menu. The secret in making this dish is in how the chicken is marinated and the spices that are used; such as lemon grass, garlic, fish sauce, and oyster sauce."

Marti was born and raised in Vietnam, and moved to Seattle for boarding school when she was 10 years old, with her sister and brother. Her mother and stepfather stayed behind in Vietnam until right before the fall of the country in 1975. They reunited in Seattle in 1973. Her mother started the original Vietnamese Restaurant at the corner of Curtis and Franklin here in Boise in 1976. Marti learned all aspects of cooking and business from her mother. The fascination with bringing cultures together started while watching her mom do cooking demos on Saturdays. Today Marti works as a Civil Engineer and has helped her teenage daughters start a salsa business (Marti's Salsa) to help them earn an allowance. 

This class will include one glass of wine per reservation.