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Class: Summer Tapas & Wine with Bryan Hinschberger

Join us for another entertaining evening with Bryan Hinschberger from Bon Vivant Imports. This time around, his focus will be on Tapas with a lighter twist, modern but with traditional Spanish roots. And, of course, all dishes will be paired with the perfect wine!

"Bon Vivant Imports is a national importer of family estate wines from Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Slovenia, based here in Boise, Idaho. After 10 years of working with incredible wineries overseas, we have a portfolio of wines that are made with minimal intervention, using eco-conscious practices (whether certified in something or not), have love and soul in each bottle, and showcase the native varietals of the land that they come from. As our name suggests, we are Bon Vivants: lovers of food, wine, travel… and all of it becomes so much more special when sharing with great people. So let’s have a class about how to do it right.

My background started in the kitchen where I have managed, head-chef’d, and started my own restaurant with my father. I’m not some NYC Top Chef… but I sure do like to cook. This class will be a blast, we'll talk about food and wine both separately, and together, and how to enjoy it all!" - Bryan



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