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CLASS: Food Foundations: Nourishing Meals for the Family Table

Traditional cultures knew how to nourish themselves with real, whole foods.  Only recently, in the modern world of packaged and processed convenience foods, have we lost this knowledge; simultaneously, chronic illness is reaching epidemic levels.  Join Nutritional Therapist, Kendy Radasky to reclaim the foundational food preparation skills, techniques, and health of our ancestors. 

In this series of 4 classes, Kendy will lead participants in the time-honored traditions of broth-making, fermentation, culturing, and sprouting, with a pinch of cultural history, digestive and immune physiology, and bacterial microbiology mixed in!  Participants will get to sample all foods and leave with handouts including recipes and nutritional facts and tips.

Classes will be offered on 4 consecutive Saturdays (April 8 – 29) from 1-2:15 pm.  You may purchase each class individually or reserve a spot for the series and save!

 April 8 Beautiful Broths: Simple and Healing Bone Broths and Meat Stocks
    Bone broths and meat stocks are among the most digestible and nutrient-dense foods available.  Our ancestors used all parts of the animals they ate, not just to be thrifty, but because they knew the bones and organ meats helped keep them strong and healthy.  In this class, Kendy will detail why (given our modern nutritional knowledge) we need to eat broths and stocks, and demonstrate how easy it is to prepare these superfoods in your own kitchen.

 April 15 Fabulous Ferments: Sauerkraut, Pickles, and Chutney, Oh My!
    Fermenting vegetables and fruits increases their nutrient value immensely, and makes plant foods more digestible for humans.  With simple kitchen fermenting we harness the work of microscopic, beneficial bacteria to add B vitamins, vitamin K2, and critical enzymes to our foods.  By eating a bit of fermented food each day, we replenish the microbiome in our guts and boost our immune systems.  Come learn the basics, and then head home and start making your own ferments the same day!

April 22:  Classic Cultures:  Yogurt, Milk Kefir, Water Kefir, and Kombucha
    The history of live, fermented drinks is long and rich.  Milk has been cultured into kefir and yogurt for centuries, both as a way to extend it’s life and to increase its digestibility and nutrient density.  Water and tea can also be fermented (with the help of special communities of bacteria and yeast) into naturally bubbly, healthful soda alternatives with infinite flavor possibilities.  Kendy will show you how to make these fun and nourishing drinks at home, with just a few minutes of prep and processing time, and a few days of patience.

April 29:  Great Grains:  How Soaking and Sprouting Grains, Legumes, and Nuts Elevates their Nutrition
    Historically, all traditional cultures around the world that ate grains first soaked or soured them to unlock their healthful properties.  The seed coats of grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes (all forms of plant embryos) contain digestive enzyme inhibitors and other anti-nutrients that are deactivated once the seeds begin to sprout into young plants.  By modeling this process in our kitchens (with only a few minutes of processing time and a few days of forethought), we can transform these foods from digestively-challenging and nutrient-depleting to deeply-nourishing.  Kendy will teach you the simple techniques of soaking/souring and send you home with the skills and motivation to get you started at home.

Kendy Radasky, a Nutritional Therapist and self-described foodie loves learning and teaching about foundationally nourishing foods. Her two favorite places to spend time are the garden and the kitchen – using fresh, organic, homegrown ingredients in the nutrient-dense meals and snacks she creates for her family. She guides her family on their journey to heal their food sensitivities from the inside out; sourcing quality plant and animal foods and practicing traditional food preparation techniques are keys to their success.

In her work as a Nutritional Therapist, Kendy guides mothers and moms-to-be, who often feel depleted by the responsibilities of family and work, to deeply nourish themselves so they can reclaim their vitality and creativity, and more fully nurture those they love.  She specializes in Fertility Restoration, Pregnancy Nutrition, and Conscious Transitions to Solid Foods for Babies.