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Class: Cookin' With Kids! Gummies & Other Yummy After School Treats

Tummy-Healing Gummies and Allergen-Free After School Snacks!

What child doesn’t like gummy treats and cookies?  If you’re a mom who wants easy and delicious go-to snacks for your kiddos but don’t like the high fructose corn syrup and preservatives in the leading brands, then this class is for you.  If your kiddo is unable to eat certain foods due to an intolerance or sensitivity, consider this a special invitation.  Come learn how to make your own gummy treats from grass-fed gelatin (very healing for the gut), fruit juice and natural sweeteners and help assemble homemade grain-free , dairy free, nut-free macaroons and apple spice cookies that your kids are sure to love.  Kids are encouraged to create and sample with us.

Kendy Radasky, a Nutritional Therapist and self-described foodie enjoys testing new recipes on her picky 6-year old son.  Her two favorite places to spend time are the garden and the kitchen – using fresh, organic, homegrown ingredients in the meals and snacks she creates for her family.  Both she and her son experience food sensitivities, so much of Kendy’s exploration with new recipes centers around gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free options.  In her work as a Nutritional Therapist, Kendy guides mothers and moms-to-be, who feel depleted by the responsibilities of family and work, to deeply nourish themselves so they can reclaim their energy, vitality, and creativity, and more fully nurture those they love.  

Adults are free with paid kids registration. Each child will require a purchased ticket.