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CLASS: Beautiful Broths! Simple & Healing Bone Broths and Meat Stocks

Class # 1 in this 4-part series:

Bone broths and meat stocks are among the most digestible and nutrient-dense foods available.  Our ancestors used all parts of the animals they ate, not just to be thrifty, but because they knew the bones and organ meats helped keep them strong and healthy.  In this class, Kendy will detail why (given our modern nutritional knowledge) we need to eat broths and stocks, and demonstrate how easy it is to prepare these superfoods in your own kitchen.

Traditional cultures knew how to nourish themselves with real, whole foods. Only recently, in the modern world of packaged and processed convenience foods, have we lost this knowledge; simultaneously, chronic illness is reaching epidemic levels. Join Nutritional Therapist, Kendy Radasky to reclaim the foundational food preparation skills, techniques, and health of our ancestors.

In this series of 4 classes, Kendy will lead participants in the time-honored traditions of broth-making, fermentation, culturing, and sprouting, with a pinch of cultural history, digestive and immune physiology, and bacterial microbiology mixed in! Participants will get to sample all foods and leave with handouts including recipes and nutritional facts and tips.