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CIDER FRIDAY! @ The North End Tasting Counter

Virtue Cider

The resurgence of "hard" cider over the past decade has introduced many American drinkers to simple, sweet, and flavored, fermented apple juices. But, across the apple-growing states, farmers and artisanal producers are making cider from freshly pressed locally grown apples, fermented naturally and aged in oak barrels. Virtue Cider is one such producer: Our apples are grown by small family-owned farms on Michigan’s Cider Coast. We press them on our farm and ferment them in our underground, naturally cooled, cellar, then age them to maturity in oak wine barrels and bourbon casks. Our cidermaking team tastes every barrel finding the right balance and blend to produce our wide range of ciders: Virtue Michigan Brut, Virtue Michigan Cuvee, The Mitten, Lapinette, Percheron, Cidre Nouveau, and our single-farm Orchard Series.