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Aromatherapy for Year-Round Wellness with Veriditas by Pranarom

While proper attire is essential in supporting bodily balance throughout these colder months, essential oils, hydrosols & virgin plant oils can also play starring roles in supporting circulatory, skin & immune system health, as well as overall well being. 
In this workshop with Amy Pereira, we’ll explore important topics such as:
•    What essential oils are
•    Where organic essential oils come from
•    How organic farming impacts essential oil chemistry
•    Roles that essential oils & plant oils play in French Medical Aromatherapy.   
•    How essential oils, hydrosols & plant oils can support skin & body hydration and create protective moisturizing barriers against the elements
•    Which essential oils can be used for culinary purposes
•    Why premixed Wellness Formulas may be best for eco-friendly DIY sanitizers & cleaning sprays 

Each attendee will receive a sample of their own custom culinary salt creation as well as take-home recipe ideas and a wealth of additional info to help increase awareness around safe & effective use of essential oils, hydrosols & virgin plant oils! 

Workshop will be led by Amy Pereira, BS, CHNC and Educator for Veriditas by Pranarom

This workshop is complimentary but please let us know if you are planning to attend so we can ensure enough gifts for everyone.