Meet Barry, Our New Wine Buyer

Meet Our New Wine Buyer!


Barry is no stranger to the Wine Shop, and we are excited that is he is our new Specialty Wine Buyer!

On an extended trip to Australia and New Zealand, Barry was bit by the wine bug. Everything from big Aussie Shiraz to elegant Central Otago Pinot Noir and everything in between (especially the wines of Tasmania). Coming back to Boise, he started with the Wine Shop when we opened across the parking lot. Working first as a cashier, he quickly transitioned to receiver, responsible for entering into the system all those bottles then Wine Buyer and Manager Divit Cardoza brought in. One thing led to another, and Barry started trying all those wines that Divit brought in.

As he tasted more and more, his palate evolved, embracing wine styles from around the world. Today he is especially interested in small batch wines made with minimal intervention allowing the grape and its terroir to take center stage. Anyone who knows Divit knows he left some big shoes behind, but everyone on the Wine Crew knows Barry is the one to fill them.