Holiday Season Ports and Sherries

Now that the weather is cooler and all the holiday goodies are available, it’s a good time to open up some Ports and Sherries to pair with them. We have an extensive selection and here are three to start with:

Santiago Cream Sherry Special Edition, $16.99

Chestnut brown in color, this wine has a dense, syrupy appearance. A strong oloroso bouquet in the nose combines with a hint of sweetness reminiscent of roasted nuts, such as in nougat or caramel. Full bodied and velvety in the mouth with a well-balanced sweetness and a seductively elegant, lingering finish. Made to be paired with Desserts, fruits or nuts.

Graham’s Six grapes Reserve Porto, $22.00

Six Grapes has a seductive, rich aroma of ripe plums, cherries and dark chocolate notes. On the palate it's complex, with an excellent structure and a long, lingering finish. Six Grapes pairs particularly well with dark chocolate, but is also fantastic on its own as a luscious dessert in a glass.

Hardy’s Whiskers Blake Classic Tawny, $14.99

Aged, rich, ripe fruit with chocolate, coffee and nutty aromas. Smooth and mellow with classic rancio (nuts, butter) characters, good length and a dry finish. Pair with mature cheeses or dark chocolate.