2013 Domaine Nebout Saint Pourçain, Les Tressalier des Gravières, $15.99

Delicious! I don’t normally gravitate to odd labels, but for some reason this wine caught my eye. I grabbed it impulsively, without knowing much about it. Turns out, I knew even less than I thought. I wasn't familiar with the grape Tressallier, a scarcely grown variety which is typically blended with Sauvignon Blanc in various regions of France. However, in Saint-Pourcain, Tressallier stands alone. I had this wine as an aperitif while watching a movie, and loved it. It has a wonderful balance with zesty citrus fruit and a refreshing minerality. The finish was exactly what I was in the mood for—not too quick, but not residing longer than it should.  It was beautiful on its own, but I imagine it would pair lovely with lighter dishes, as in white fish or simple salads. Try a bottle, and feel free to ask for its location in the store,—it looks as if someone tucked it in a corner, perhaps to hoard it for themselves. When you want something deliciously different, try a bottle.