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Meet our New Culinary Director!


We are so excited to add more talent to our organization. We recently hired Jin Yang, former corporate executive chef at Sustainable Restaurant Group (SRG), as our new Culinary Director! Yang has been in the Portland food scene for nearly 10 years, first working with James Beard nominated Gregory Gourdet as his sous chef at Departure in downtown Portland.

“Jin is a huge score and we’re over-the-moon thrilled that we got him to Boise,” said Michelle Andersen, CEO at the Boise Co-op. “He has a big reputation in Portland, and he’s an extraordinary chef. Anytime you have the opportunity to try his food is a real treat.”

Some of his notable accolades:

  • 2015: Portland Iron Chef Overall Winner

  • 2016: Portland Iron Chef People’s Choice Winner

  • 2016: Named one of the most sustainable chefs by Uproxx

We can’t wait to see what awesome new flavors and ideas Jin brings to our Deli! He’s excited to showcase the Treasure Valley’s local flavors in new and interesting ways.

“Boise has everything it needs to be a major food city,” said Yang. “Working with the Boise Co-op gives me the opportunity to drive this change by connecting with the community, local farmers, and restaurateurs.”

Salmonella Outbreak Information

Salmonella Outbreak Information

UPDATE (6/19): 

Central District Health Department gave us the green light to resume food production in our Deli at noon today. The first things to be up and running are the coffee bar, juice and smoothie bar, and some deli meats and cheeses.  We do not expect to return to full production until Monday, June 22nd.

We are confident that we have taken steps to ensure the safety of food prepared in our Deli. The wellbeing of our customers is our highest priority. We want to prove to the Boise Co-op Community that we are a destination for food that is clean, safe, healthy, and delicious.

We deeply regret any illnesses that have resulted from the Salmonella outbreak. If you are experiencing symptoms of foodborne illness, please visit a health care professional and fill out a report with the CDHD. Give Mo a call at 208.472.4541if you have an illness resulting from this outbreak and we have not heard from you yet.

Flying Out For The Weekend?


Back in the day, your food options at the airport were very limited.  Not to mention your chances of getting something local were much less!  Well, how does this sound?  Turkey Bacon Swiss Sandwich?  What about a Vegan Hummus Wrap? Thanks to the Boise Airport's remodel and focus on local businesses, you can pick up some of our Deli's popular fresh and local foods at the NBC News Kiosk.

Learn More about the Boise Airport's remodel from link below..

Boise Co-op is Heading West!


Boise Co-op is heading west — to The Village at Meridian!

We are excited to announce that our second store location will be opening mid-year 2015!

Our new 25,000-square-foot store will be located in the Village North portion of The Village at Meridian’s site, alongside stores such as Michael’s, Babies ‘R Us and the Nike Factory Store. Some of our plans include offering many community events such as cooking classes, food and wine tastings and hosting a regular farmer’s market. Full details are still a work in progress.

We’d like to thank all of our co-owners and shoppers for their support. We are thrilled to become a part of the Meridian community. Growing the Co-op creates jobs that pay a living wage and provides our local farmers and producers another outlet to sell their incredible products. We can’t wait to share our cooperative message by spreading our passion for high-quality, natural, organic foods and specialty products.

Expansion also increases our community investment portfolio and will benefit a larger part of our community. Ultimately it expands our buying power, creates better savings for our shoppers and provides more support for our local suppliers. Co-ops build healthier communities and strengthen the local economy by reinvesting their dollars back into where they live.

We will keep you informed of our progress.

Thanks for your support!

Boise Co-op Extends Lease, Plans Expansion

BOISE, ID:  The Boise Co-op has signed a long-term lease and will remain planted in the North End community through 2036.  The Co-op has resided at the current Fort Street location since 1995. 

“This is where it all began,” said Ben Kuzma, the Co-op’s general manager.  “The Co-op has deep ties to this community, and after 40 years in business, we continue to be in it for the long haul.”

The Board of Directors also is exploring options to expand the Co-op’s footprint in the Treasure Valley by opening a second store.  The Board has held expansion discussions over the last few years — originally prompted by the Co-op’s members/owners. “We are excited about the opportunity to expand our reach in the Treasure Valley,” said TJ Stevens, the Boise Co-op’s Board chair.  “We are devoted to creating a local marketplace which connects the community to high-quality, natural and organic foods and specialty products.”

Currently, there is no specific site selected for the second store.  The Board has established a real-estate committee to lead the planning process.  Discussions will continue over the next few months to determine a location and opening date.  Members and shoppers can lend their voice by taking a short survey (click here to access the survey).

The Boise Co-op is a member-owned food cooperative, founded in 1973.  Located in Boise’s historic north end, the Co-op currently has 25,000 active members within the Treasure Valley.  The vision of the Boise Co-op is to continually set the standard for building and maintaining a sustainable community.