Opening in Meridian: Counting Down and Looking Back!

As the days and hours left before our Grand Opening at the Village in Meridian quickly speed by, the Co-op is abuzz with the activity of our final preparations for the opening. It's hard to believe how far we've come in just a few months: the first few pictures below were taken in May and, six months later, we're about to open!


Save the Date: Our Grand Opening is Friday, November 13th - Sunday, November 15th from 7 am - 10 pm. More information →


Part of our quick progress has been due to all of the help we've recieved from our Co-Owners, as well as other co-ops around the country. In the words of Ben, our GM:

In some ways Boise Co-op’s democratic, community-owned business model is like a page taken from the open source community’s playbook. We have gleaned many ideas, design elements, recipes and best practices from other food co-ops and incorporated them into the Village store. Like the open source community, food co-ops freely share information with their peers with similar goals that are designed to enrich, improve and nourish the communities in which they operate. With its two locations, Boise Co-op is Treasure Valley’s only “Open Source Grocers”.
PCC in Seattle had been especially helpful to us with a full day of behind the scene tours of their facilities and interviews with their key operational staff. Our membership in NCG also provided services that helped us create a store that is special and not just a cookie cutter franchised copy of someone else’s idea of what our store should look and feel like.  

Check out these photos of the Village at Meridian store construction from start to finish! (Click to view full-screen)