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Demo: Paradise Springs Farm @ The North End Store

Paradise Springs Farm is a 430 acre Certified Biodynamic/Certified Organic dairy farm where we grow all of the food our cows eat--closed circle.  We were Idaho's first Grade A  Raw Dairy--Permit #001.  We don't feed our cows concentrates and cheap fillers like soy, corn and canola.  Our Brown Swiss cows spend over 250 days a year grazing our lush, herbal-leguminous-grass pastures, and are supplemented during the winter with our rich, homegrown hay.  This allows them to produce milk that has up to 10 times the CLA's and fat soluble vitamins as regular milk, and our Brown Swiss cows produce up to twice the fat and protein of a conventional Holstein.  Our cheeses are handcrafted in small batches, truly raw, nutrient dense and delicious.